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Remember when?

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Remember when we used to say NO WAY I would drive in rain without high surge.
How many giving base rides today during storm?
As I said years ago even if Uber / Lyft make it 20 cents a mile they will have plenty of drivers.
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Really lux and black have to count on the Uber x ants to not be around and also decline the rides. Once the passenger has waited an hour then they decide to upgrade lol
This is mostly because the base fare of X is lower than it should be. People will pay more for Lux, they just don’t think it’s worth 3X more than X. That’s understandable.
if they'd raise the base fare and driver pay, everyone would be happy. X drivers would get more, Lux/black drivers would be happier with more rides, and the customers probably wouldn't notice. They might grumble a bit, but they'd still take the rides. Oh, and Uber/Lyft would be happier too with more money and more drivers. It's a win-win.
If Uber/Lyft had to bear the costs of owning and operating vehicles, then either the rates would be higher or they would make us work more efficiently (less dead miles, idle time, etc). However, since they just collect their fees, they are currently incentivized to wholesale our labor and go for market domination over profitability.

If there are people who only order Lux when standard prices are high, then that means that there would also be people ordering Lux if standard prices were higher all the time.
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