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Remember those HIGH gas prices during Harvey?

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When idiots were filling up trashcans in their pickup beds...
Hour+ in line to fill up, if you could find a station with gas...

Gas peaked at around $2.60/gal/reg.

We now are right at that same $2.60 avg. having gone up ~$.60 in the past six months = almost a 30% price increase.

How much have TNC raised our rates in the past year?
I remember emailing Lyft about bump in pricing back during Harvey.
Think they added some sort of ride/bonus type intensive that week+.

Harvey gas prices without the needed price increase.
Just raising the minimum +$0.50 to the driver would be helpful.

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I just fill up at night to save and turn a blind eye to varying gas costs, if I focused on gas prices I would go nuts, tip money rolls with the price changes...I just pay and go and move on
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I will say this when it comes to filling up, when I start the car and it has a full tank of gas I feel like a GD millionaire lol, only briefly though, but still nice :)
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