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Remember those HIGH gas prices during Harvey?

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When idiots were filling up trashcans in their pickup beds...
Hour+ in line to fill up, if you could find a station with gas...

Gas peaked at around $2.60/gal/reg.

We now are right at that same $2.60 avg. having gone up ~$.60 in the past six months = almost a 30% price increase.

How much have TNC raised our rates in the past year?
I remember emailing Lyft about bump in pricing back during Harvey.
Think they added some sort of ride/bonus type intensive that week+.

Harvey gas prices without the needed price increase.
Just raising the minimum +$0.50 to the driver would be helpful.

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I fill up every time I get below 1/2 tank; as I regularly get 45+ or 60+ minute trips and I don’t want to have to stop mid trip for gas. Granted when the trip is over 100 miles I may have to stop for gas, but that’s explainable and not poor planning on my part.

And if the gas is less than $3, I fill up almost anywhere; though sometimes I check GasBuddy to see if there’s a better price within 2 miles - but I’m certainly not going to drive all over town to save $3/tank
Luckily, I have decent gas prices near the house & the airport Shell isn't bad either. Most of my trips are >$50 trips, so I'm not stressing about a few extra cents on gas prices.
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Yeah, I've been surprised on how low the prices can be at the Airport Shell.
Most places near AP jack up their prices to catch the rental car returners topping off the cars.
And Circle K (AP Shell station combo) has a pretty damn good coffee machine. Not the bulk drip stuff but on demand espresso shots, hot coffee/coco.
Large 3 shots and hot coco combo is just $3.
Soon the airport will have their own gas station too bad you can't stay in the queue while getting gas
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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