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Hay all. I was referred to UberEATS by a gentlemen I meet at Goodyear 2day. I thought that if I had a pretty decent record (one major cell phone ticket in the last 18) I might have a chance. My focus was on the fact that ppl were complaining that Uber was hiking the rate and the drivers were getting less.

Anyhow, I applied for Uber Driver Partner just to get in the system (I drive a truck - suggested to do EATS out of NYC in suburbs might be better). After getting registered for Uber, I realized that there was another portal to do EATS.

My EATS app was rejected. I got a copy of the report, and yes, its got some issues, but nothing major (cell phone). And whats ever more odd is that the report is pending for EATS, but the report is completed for the Driver Partner. I can still login to the app with the Drivers login (, but I get the support message with the EATS login.

I'm going to go and sit down with an Uber Expert Monday to see what, if any, my options are. Any

Any suggestion???
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