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On Sunday 3 June 2018, there will be clothing collections for Red Cross by Uber drivers in various cities: see https://www.uber.com/en-AU/blog/uber-red-cross-clothing-drive/.

This year, the following cities will have these collections:
  • Sydney - CBD and Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, and Inner West
  • Melbourne - CBD and surrounding suburbs
  • Adelaide - CBD and surrounding suburbs
  • Brisbane - Fortitude Valley, CBD, and surrounding suburbs
  • Gold Coast - Southport and surrounding suburbs
  • Perth - CBD and surrounding suburbs

Last year, Canberra proudly joined those places in this wonderful endeavour but not this year.

Last year, several local drivers received a flat $30 an hour with no service fee for this work.

The absence of Canberra from the list this year stems from Uber closing its local Greenlight Hub. Last year, all the local staff were engaged in running the event together with a staff member who travelled to Canberra from Sydney.

The demise of Red Cross clothing collections in Canberra by local Uber drivers is but a further reason to mourn the closure of the local Greenlight Hub.

I understand that Ola is planning to have an office in Canberra. This would be a welcome development.
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