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"Red Alert" (strength in numbers)

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it's been a while since I've been on the site to see what's not going well with UBER. Kind of refreshing in a strange way. Lol.

It's been a solid 2 years driving for FUBER. I've seen it all. Mainly the issues I have are with enduring the struggle in policies and protocols on the internal side of UBER.
3 cars damaged with no compensation from lieing riders, and tossed to the wolves when sent through the hoops that reporting incidents entail with the app, support, and James river insurance (Co. insurance.).

..A piece of advice: if the damage is under 1k$ (all three of my incidents were 400$, 600$ & 800$. With most recently 2 weeks ago 450$, that I chose not to report to avoid: being deactivated until it's resolved, trips to go get appraisals, rigorous incident reports, pictures, details etc., then lastly after spending countless hours gas, and time fetching the info support wants; you get told that the rider denied any wrong doing and case is closed with no further investigation, or expansion on proof provided by the driver. Then to top it off, they make you deal with their insurance adjuster EVEN if you don't want to report it as an accident or vandalism, they force you to file a claim, although the damage is less than the deductible. Which depending on your adjuster could take a week, and there's plenty of forms that they will make you fill out that they claim to be for "internal data use only."

Total waste of time, degrading, & frustrating.

I suggest not reporting these incidents and accept the loss. It's what you will end up doing after about a week and a half of going through the process and the wait time.

These incidents (all done by riders) is precursor to my point and subject heading "Red Alert"
Two weeks ago I picked up a rider. Was stopped at a green light because of foot traffic. Two guys crossing in front of my car. One not watching where he was going and starring at his phone glances over and yells hey!!!! Then kicks my front bumper and both start swearing and threatening walking across the intersection. Then dude runs back to my door, kicks it, then punches my side mirror breaking the glass, and breaking the mirror housing. Goes to kick my door again, misses, flies in the air horizontally airborne and falls flat on his back. (Only good karma of it all)

Still stuck at the light because of everyone passing by and starting. My passenger is freaked out. Then dude opens my door while getting up, and sucker punches me in the jaw. While his friend is threating to kill me.

So. Basically dude saw my car in his peripheral, thought I was rolling up, when actually he just walked to close to my car, and I was served with that situation.

The first thing that crossed my mind was - I'm working. I have a passenger, these dudes are hyped up and could have guns, knives whatever. We as drivers are not allowed to carry weapons, or anything for self defense.

My rider calls the police. So she cancelled the ride, and the rest of the night is spent looking for police that show up after the night is over.

I had to file a report, and of course. Toning was done about it. The mirror costs 450$ + 150$ to install. SMH. I choose not to report it to UBER to avoid the lengthy process, plus to keep my incidents down (they will base your activation in this subject on the frequency of reports regardless of you are at fault or not.)

So what do we do to protect ourselves? Another thought crossed my mind that someone watching probably got it on video, and that if I had reacted it would be another story of an UBER driver freaking out. Plus my rider could have truthfully given a report, and from what I have seen with UBER policy, probably would have been deactivated for applying physical force in defense.

Ever heard the term "Strength in numbers?"

I was thinking maybe a collective of us that are down for each other could get an alternate text/calling app, have it run in the background, and turn on notifications to alert others in times of need, and emergencies. It could accomplish at least two things:
1- documenting who these people are - decription, date, time, pic's etc. (rider or pedestrian)
2- bring close by drivers to the scene to help identify, and if it came down to it defend our fellow drivers. What goes around comes around.

Anyone have any thoughts on a way to keep us connected fast, & efficient?
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and if it came down to it defend our fellow drivers.
Uh, no.
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"Uh no?" Wow ..remind us all to point and laugh next time you get in a situation like this. Why wouldn't you help someone getting threatened or hurt?
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Well let me assure you. Completely 100% true. That's why I made a reference to my thoughts on what provoked the person. He was obviously a little drunk, and possibly on other stimulants? Not sure. But these days people will hate on you for having nice things, or much more than that. Thanks for putting down the integrity of another drive tho. I guess it's the thought that counts. Lol.
It was the second time something like this has happened since I started. One other times where it involved a rider getting verbally physical and threatening. But the point is that this sort of thing happens. Not often by any means. But it does. And we should be prepared somehow some way so someone doesn't get seriously hurt.
You de-escalate. Call the police if needed.
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well of course call the police. But again in reference to the story. Police didn't show up for an hour and a half.

The concern is more about banding together to accomplish better safety strategies for the individual that is faced with a threatening situation. The presence of others witnessing something violent take place usually does the best in defusing a physically violent situation. Working for security for clubs, and being trained by a Jordanian commando taught me some valuable lessons in de-escalating situations that are arising. But first. You must effectively communicate with your staff to form a stand by offensive if needed. But the presence of more than 1, will always be more prudent the. "I'm calling the police," or simply just choosing to do so.

If you didn't want to participate, then the opinion is accepted. But to try and devalue the collective concern that a lot of drivers have been through, and feeling helpless when the time hits, is pretty low.

We are just trying to get opinions on REAL issue of concerns. Not just why your surge isn't being applied when it says it is. (Been a constant issue and will always be since UBER doesn't even acknowledge it happens.)

Douchè bags..
You used the wrong words when you called. You should have simply stated that the guy was trying to car-jack you while you had a passenger in the car.
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