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RICHARD , we want to make sure we can send you incentives and communications quickly and easily. To help with this, we are only going to send hourly guarantee incentives through text messages going forward.

If you are interested in opting back in to receive text messages from Uber, simply text the word GO to (480) xxx-xxxx.
Already opted in? Great! No further action is needed and you may have already seen guarantees sent to you through text messages. Be sure to keep an eye on your text messages for future guarantees and other relevant communications.
Uber On!

I received this today, not sure if everyone got it.. Just an FYI. :)
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I have not driven in three weeks. My guarantees are not what they used to be so I don't bother.
I don't even mess with gaurantees anymore, especially after the started the time requirements. Only once has a guarantee ever worked out better for me than if I hadn't signed up, and that was only by about $15, and for that I had to email them to haggle over it. Waste of time. Not worth the headache.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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