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I'm all set for 2016/2017 ... You'd better put in a call to the tax office and remind them...they're swamped...or e-mail them through their website ... I had to remind them ... They said in 5-10 business days ... It came in the mail on day 3 ... Good luck and CARMA!!!

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I did contact the tax office in SF, after 3 days waiting here's the response-

I was asked to get in contact you about your business registration certificate. Any entity conducting business in San Francisco must submit a business tax registration application within 15 days of starting business. Failure to do so will result in penalties and administrative fees. On your business registration application, you stated business started on, 11/01/2015 and you signed the application on, 05/27/2016. This is over the 15 days period. Here are the breakdown of what's due:

$ 91.00 2016 business registration

$ 55.00 admin fee

$100.00 penalty

$ 7.20 interest

$ 91.00-payment

$162.20 total

$ 91.00 2017 business registration

$ 0.00 admin fee was not assessed

$100.00 penalty

$ 1.80 interest

$ 91.00-payment

$101.80 total

$162.20 2016rg

$101.80 2017rg

$264.00 Combine total due. Penalty and interest accrue on a monthly basis.

Pay online: https://etaxstatement.sfgov.org/onlinepayment/

By mail: P. O. Box 7027, San Francisco, Ca 94120-7027.

To avoid delays in processing your payment, please include your BAN on your check.


Angel Chang

Sr. Collection Officer

I'm going to drive my 5-7pm for my $45/hour guarantee, then I'm really going to fume over this...
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