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Received a Ping 20 minutes away........and then this happened

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Received a ping 20 minutes away.... I got to my destination at 5:15 AM. I waited for pax to come out but he never came out after 5 minutes so I texted him and he did not respond so I called him saying "I was here."
He told me that I arrived too early and that pick up schedule was for 5:40AM.

Is there a way for us to know about this in advance?

What would you do?

fortunately he was going to the airport so it was good.
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When they schedule a ride Uber gives them a time window. It's done because they don't know in advance if there will be a driver nearby. What I want to know is if they schedule a ride and it's surging at the pickup time will they be charged the surge amount and more importantly will we get paid the surge?
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Yes... You will get, and they will pay, the surge amount.
Thanks for that info. Now I will have to test that theory if I get that type of request.
There probably wasn't any other drivers willing to take the fare. Remember, some of us follow the " don't drive >10 minutes away" strategy because it's not always going to be a simple airport run.
That rule is nice if it works for you. But, the airport isn't the only profitable run. 75% of my >10 minute pickups have been $30 and up rides.
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