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Do you believe that by being courteous and professional your passenger will give you a good rating?

  • Yes, manners always are a good thing.

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  • It doesn't matter what you do, the passenger makes up his or her own mind.

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Indifferent.

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  • Who cares in the long run?

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Good morning fellow Uber drivers in Jacksonville. So I opened up the Uber app last night because my ratings went down a little, and took the time to go through the Help Section and the rest of the guidelines. Ok I feel stupid now maybe this was what I needed to do in the beginning before I started even driving (I realize the mistake so please no need to criticize). You may want to give it a try and read between calls. I learned a lot of what to do's and what not to do's and started using these guidelines this morning.

1) Don't wait longer than five minutes for a passenger. You may have to cancel the call but time and money is a wasting.

2) Make sure you verify who you are picking up and where they are going. It may be different than what they put in the system.

3) Remain professional at all times. You can ask the passenger if they would like a certain radio station, if they are comfortable, whatever to make them happy. Be kind and they will as well. But do not bog them down with questions or chit chat if they don't want to talk.

4) Open the door of the car for disabled or elderly passengers when picking up and letting them out.

5) If they have a suitcase or heavy luggage offer to help them carry it. If they have groceries, you can help them put it in the car if they want.

6) If someone passes out in your vehicle, do not touch them whatsoever. There are liabilities here. Call 911, log the information for Uber in the appropriate area, or take them to the hospital.

7) Make sure your passenger in the front seat buckles up for safety and encourage other passengers as well.

8) Biggest one for me. Do not ask for the five star rating or mention getting a good rating. Let the passenger be the one to decide on it. However, the passenger is not required to rate us as we do them.

OK, that is all I can think of. Feel free to add more. I had my first customer and helped her put her groceries in the trunk of my car and then bring them near her door. I got a $4.00 tip. Wow, I didn't even ask. Have a good day all!
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