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Hi everyone as in writing this I'm in the hamptons been online 16 hours . For seven pax LMAO shooting myself in the head as I type. Grand total 0f 256 to show so far. Any how

I drive a 2015 Dodge Durango citadel top of its line SUV black on black all leather interior with chrome ascents . 22 inch chrome wheels Heated/ cooled seats power second row blah blah blah. Need less to say I drive a 50,000 American beast. 99% percent of pax get scared when they see me pull up. They go " I ordered uber X (or uber pool) ". And I grudgingly smile and say " yep that's me" this leads to" the wow this so nice it smells new, you should drive black youd make so much more money". I smile and say" thanks " while i think no shit bird brain because i like driving you around for 99 cents ä mile.
So to drive the point home, I'm stuck with a beautiful beast that I love but have to drive underpaying spoiled pax around whom try to clamber over my seats with their boots on ask for water and aux and chargers and farts. And at the end when I say thanks have a great night boom the slam my ****ing doors.
Who can help me or suggest a way in which I can make uber see that I deserve to be classified at least as uber black. I realize I don't have the trunk space for SUV .

Thanks in advance
Didn't proof read so sry for grammar,punctuation and spelling!
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