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I'm bored so I am slogging through the Uber Community Guidelines:United States and Canada .

Look what I just learned in bold.


Drivers, riders, delivery people, Uber Eats users, and merchants can give and receive ratings, as well as give feedback on how the trip or delivery went. This feedback system improves accountability and helps create a respectful, safe, and transparent environment for everyone. Drivers and delivery people can see their current rating in the app. Merchants can find their Uber Eats user and delivery person rating by signing in to Uber Eats Manager. Riders can see their rating displayed under their name by opening the app and touching the menu. There is a minimum average rating in each city. This is because there may be cultural differences in the way people in different cities rate each other. Drivers, riders, delivery people, or merchants that don’t meet the minimum average rating for their city may lose access to all or part of the Uber Marketplace Platform. If your rating is approaching this limit, we will let you know and may share information that may help you improve your rating. If you’re looking to keep your average rating high, it’s helpful to be courteous and respectful to all people while using the Uber Marketplace Platform and interacting with others in the Uber community. Drivers and delivery people using the Uber Marketplace Platform typically provide excellent service to their riders and Uber Eats users, and most riders, delivery people, and Uber Eats users are courteous and respectful, so most trips and deliveries run smoothly. Contacting Support will not lead to an individual rating being removed. We know that sometimes a trip or delivery doesn’t go well—that’s why your rating is an average rating. If you’re a driver and you lose access to your Uber account for low ratings, you may have the opportunity to get back on the road if you meet eligibility requirements and provide proof that you’ve successfully taken a quality improvement course offered by third-party experts. Check with the Uber Support team, visit a Greenlight Hub, or go to help.uber.com to find out more.

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It's entirely news to me that:
  1. There is a minimum average rating in each city.
  2. merchants can give and receive ratings,
  3. Merchants can find their Uber Eats user and delivery person rating by signing in to Uber Eats Manager.
I get Merchant ratings from time to time and still have one thumbs up and yes we can rate them and boy did I!

Yes, there is a minimum rating requirement to access the platform for a driver and I have yet to ever get that low but will try just to please Dara…

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Supposedly there is a "minimum rating" for each City/Market. They refuse to tell us what that minimum rating is of course, but both drivers and passengers are supposed to be upheld to it. In my market the rating of 4.6 seems to be the magical number. However, I have seen plenty of passengers well below this threshold. So it appears they're just holding the drivers to this minimum rating BS
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