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So last night only seven trips, my last ride picked up two nice ladies at restaurant and drop one female off then took the account holder to her final destination. No issues, pleasant. Other than the ladies were discussing amongst themselves how to split fare. Account holder said she's got it.

After arriving to final destination lady thanked me. Took 18 minutes for 8 mile trip.

Woke up this morning to find that trip total zeroed out $0.00. Then noticed a Altercation report was filed. Something to do with arguing/ debate with rider. Whooooooooa wait a minute......WTF!!!???

All my rides were great. No issues. So this lady wanted a free ride.

So I sent a rebuttal and I demanded that I never share a ride with her again. I denied any issues (of course).

I was soooooooo mad that if Uber didn't pay me I was going to file theft of service on her and take police report to DA offices to expedite.

Uber adjusted fair. And copy / paste response of Sorry, you're doing a good job, we will block her from requesting you etc, etc.

So right now I'm eating comfort food. I have a -6.00 balance and it's Thursday. Cheers!!!
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