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Hi guys, need some advice on this.

On my Uber app, I had total of 170 rated trips among which 125 was 5 star rating up until Sunday. I woke up Monday morning to my surprise, my 5 star rating count went to 115 and total rated trips to 160 meaning non-5 Star rating remained unchanged. And this is actually second time it happened, non-5 Star rating count remained unchanged on both occasion. Do you have any clue about this?

Another thing about Feedback section, I had a reported issue from rider under Professionalism that says,
"Cancelled on Rider - 1 Report".
I thought if you cancel a ride, rider cannot rate you or submit any feedback, is that not true then?

Any light on these would be much appreciated
This has been happening on my app for weeks. 1 day it would be 820 lifetime 580 rated and 520 5 star then the next day it would be 815 lifetime 575 rated 515 5 star, on the go earnings not working correctly either.

Constant emails to Uber with either generic responses or a response completely unrelated
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