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One more stupid trick from Uber and I'm finished! I'd rather go broke sitting on the bay with a fishing line in my hand (and I hate fishing)! Truly though folks isn't it time that the general public and people considering driving be really made aware of how evil Uber really is. Most of us do it part time and I do enjoy the bit of pocket-money I receive and perhaps more importantly I enjoy the people and getting around town but it is close to borderline now and I'm still on the 20% fee. I know and accept Uber's antics but it is the new drivers I feel sorry for. They will read the BS numbers that Uber put out there, they will not be told they have to pay the GST and all the other nonsense nor will they be told that Uber can cut your earnings without even telling you. No matter how much you try and juggle the numbers and work the system it is impossible to regularly net an income, before tax, of more than about $15 - $20 per hour (don't user Uber's BS maths). At best you would have to work 60 hours a week with no holidays to earn $60K a year then you would have to hand some of that over to the tax man and you will not have attracted any Super, workcover, holiday pay and after two years your nice new Camry is worn out but not as much as you would be.

I wonder sometimes whether this isn't a great topic for a current affairs programme because in my view Uber are peddling a great big lie and targeting some of the most vulnerable people in our society. They really do need to be called out on this!
When the general consumer is winning and the big corp no one really cares. Its like how we get cheap stuff from overseas, you hear about but rather not care. But thanks to Fuber. They are applying the same tactics here. This country is going backwards in this area. Uber need to get their act together.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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