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how's muslim brother's work schedule during Ramadan.?
Night and day people...!!!
Wishing everyone a safe, happy and milked Ramadan.!
On weekdays I will start at night after I eat until 4 or 5 am. Saturdays and Sundays same thing, unless I feel I have enough energy and not in pain I will try to start earlier in the day. Do not care if I lose out on money, as long as I don't get into an accident.

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After sehri, I rest about 30 minutes then head out around 4
Let's see if it works for me!!
I was thinking getting out around 4:30 and start
Finish around 3:00-3:30

when is eid? i wanna know when all the muslim drivers are taking the day off so that i can take advantage of the surge.
Around June 16/17
You'll get one trip to Philadelphia
And that will be it ....
I guess
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