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So, after my first two nights of driving up here:

It's slow. If you're thinking of commuting, might want to wait a bit. Granted, we're only 7 days in, and wyoming is rather behind the times. Half of my riders were so psyched to take their first Uber ride. Once there're more riders it should be great.

Most drivers just sit at their house with their app on, waiting for a ride.

There's maybe 20 drivers up here, with 8-12 online at any given time.... and I'm still trying to figure it out.

The driver rates are [email protected]&$!ng believable. $1.75/mile. My average ride is about $8.85. Min fare is the same, but it's hard to get a min fare. My lowest fare ride was $4.48, but $11 to $16 fares are pretty common. Keep in mind the small geographic area of this city; covering 1/2 the area of FoCo, with about 1/3 the population.

Having said that, I spent about 10 hours online today, and about 3 hours actually driving. The rest of the time I was at the house or dog park. I made about $55.

Don't have a good feel for what's going on, but after seeing 4 DUI arrests last night, I'm pretty sure the word is not out for riders yet.

Don't know about Laramie yet. I'll hit that up next weekend. In the meantime, I'll be commuting to Denver to drive Lyft during the weekdays... for now.

Also, a bunch of riders have said how they are going to use Uber to go to FoCo or Denver soon. Just waiting on those...
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