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Quick end to season!

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It’s dead. 2-3 hour wait at RSW the last two nights and no pings in the streets. Looks like only bar runs, so might be time to hibernate until the small rush of summer vacationers in June ?
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I was wondering about the airport.... I have seen many auto transporters in Naples especially the last 2 weeks.
I turned on Uber and Lyft last night it was really slow!!!! I had exactly 3 rides made 23$ on Uber 5 of that was a tip and $2.36 on Lyft. I even went out to the "quest" area. No pings.

on a side note: My last ride was the Lyft I had to practically hold my breath and my eyes was literally starting to burn from the BO. Thank God it was only 2 miles !
Last summer was my first summer doing Uber and it really bad for me and other drivers I've talked to
Coincidentally red tide was the worst I've ever seen. Dead fish from Sarasota to Marco. I was told the vacancy rate on Ft Myers Beach was 90%. It seems that anyone that had scheduled a vacation here; if the could cancel, they did

Hopefully this summer will be better
Yes Lets hope so!
Season is slowing down but it is still easy to make a fair amount of money in Naples with airport trips.
If you turn up your app on around 4:30am with a set destination to RSW you will get a trip to the airport. You should be able to be in the airport queue around 5:30 am. At that time you only have between 1 to 10 driver in queue. You should get a trip back to Naples with the first arriving plane around 6:30am. Ofcourse that I involve cherry picking your rides. When back in Naples set a second destination on Uber to the airport and try to be close to some of the most popular hotels in Naples. It might take some time but you'll get lucky many times, take in consideration the checkout time which is usually 10 or 11am. You might have to wait a couple hours at the airport but you won't be wasting gas and mileage on your car. It happened many times that I had done 3 round trip to the airport in a 8 to 10 hours day. When at the airport I am always on select except for the 6:30am flight.
Of season a good place to be by are the fancy cars dealership because clients who brought there cars to be service are often send home by the dealership via Uber and many times they could be select rides.
Happy driving!!!
I've gotten to the point that if I get a ping from outside the airport, I take it. A ride is a ride, after all

I'm a regular at the airport but for now there seems to be more people flying out, than flying in.... so now, after I drop someone at the airport, unless the queue is really small, I head south to Naples to work the street. As long as I stay west of 41 I will get an airport ride sooner or later

In addition to less airport traffic and less people here in the summer, there are a couple of other things going on that serve to reduce the number of rides.

I picked up a Ritz Carlton employee recently and noticed a guy sitting in his car near the service entrance. My passenger told me that guy was his regular ride home. The driver has regular customers that he takes to and from work every day for $30 a week each.

There are lots of drivers (including me) that do off app cash rides. Every cash ride we do is one less Uber or lyft ride available.

Did you know that there is no permit required in Collier county to do cash rides? Anyone with a car can be a taxi driver
Totally off subject... but do we have to rate the Pax before we get another pax ping?
I took a fare to the airport last week from Cape Coral - some 26 miles. The only way to describe his body odor is "stale butt crack". It was like a fog that permeated the car. I was queasy and fought the urge to vomit the entire trip. Had to crack the drivers side the window a few inches to let outside air in and chew on peppermint lifesavers to keep from getting sick.

Drove a couple of miles away from the airport with windows down afterwards then used a ton of Fabreeze to kill the stench.
I am so sorry LOL
that what I thought but i saw drivers saying they rate after the rider tips... maybe that was an old thread
You can do that on Lyft since you now have 24 hours to leave feedback but you dont have that option with Uber. Keep in mind that many riders dont tip right away. Many will tip the next time they'll use the App when seeing the reminder about their last ride.
thanks ....I am preferring Uber over Lyft so far.... I find uber keeps me busier and people tip .... mostly :)
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I just started at the end of Feb... I wasnt sure how the airport thing worked so I was leaving the airport after dropping off a ride for Uber turned on Lyft and immediately got a ping to pick up at exit 132.... the ride was to Boca Grand.... before the time change .... never been there before......I know better now.... :)
That would have been a sweet fare and probably worth the long deadhead drive back. Did you pick up a fare from Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda on the return?
No and it was with tip $77 and I was new and didnt pick up a fare next time I will though!!
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