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Quick end to season!

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It’s dead. 2-3 hour wait at RSW the last two nights and no pings in the streets. Looks like only bar runs, so might be time to hibernate until the small rush of summer vacationers in June ?
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Yep. Gonna have to have a little luck for a while.
Season is not over yet but it is going down. Tuesdays generally are always slow even in March. Overall it is a combination of less people coming now (Easter week is the last spring break week) and more locals picking people. And also because of the cherrypicking frenzy last summer and more people using cabs, and Lyft now sending requests outside RSW (if you decline you go back to the bottom of the queue) does not make things easy.
I always wondered what the airport would be like, if only people from this coast could work there. Have Uber people work in their geographical location, with exceptions to taking PAX to the other coast etc. It would make off season a lot easier I would think.
I turned on Uber and Lyft last night it was really slow!!!! I had exactly 3 rides made 23$ on Uber 5 of that was a tip and $2.36 on Lyft. I even went out to the "quest" area. No pings.

on a side note: My last ride was the Lyft I had to practically hold my breath and my eyes was literally starting to burn from the BO. Thank God it was only 2 miles !
Lol I had a guy's breath two nights ago that almost made me faint. Actually I still believe it's the luck of the draw from here on out. I took a short ride from the airport and said it would hold my spot. While I was dropping off the short ride, I got pinged for a long ride across the street. So it was a good night. Strangely, I watch four and five planes land in a row, and the numbers waiting in fifo dont change at all. That seems weird to me that in five planes, nobody asked for Uber.
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Last summer was my first summer doing Uber and it really bad for me and other drivers I've talked to
Coincidentally red tide was the worst I've ever seen. Dead fish from Sarasota to Marco. I was told the vacancy rate on Ft Myers Beach was 90%. It seems that anyone that had scheduled a vacation here; if the could cancel, they did

Hopefully this summer will be better
I've been here since 79. New to Uber but you are correct. Believe it or not there are quite a few summer vacationers from all over that come here over the summer. Red Tide destroyed that last year. If red tide doesn't stay long it could at least have a means for us to make it over those few months.
I took a fare to the airport last week from Cape Coral - some 26 miles. The only way to describe his body odor is "stale butt crack". It was like a fog that permeated the car. I was queasy and fought the urge to vomit the entire trip. Had to crack the drivers side the window a few inches to let outside air in and chew on peppermint lifesavers to keep from getting sick.

Drove a couple of miles away from the airport with windows down afterwards then used a ton of Fabreeze to kill the stench.
Tarvus! Lmao. That's horrible, but funny as hell hearing your story.
On another note, I have stayed up so late from doing airport arrivals, that around 4am I get blitzed for pax departures. Problem is, I am pretty damn tired by then lol! There is only one flight around 6AM but then nothing usually till around 9am. It is a good strategy and Naples will absolutely have departures all summer. Execs and the like, don't stop working over the summer. My daughter is well connected with happenings in Naples so if I find out more tricks, I will share them with you all. Lol I can't nor anybody else take all the rides for themselves anyway. :)
PS Those early morning pings can sometimes be very long travel to pick someone up, so be careful, as they could cancel.
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