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Quick end to season!

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It’s dead. 2-3 hour wait at RSW the last two nights and no pings in the streets. Looks like only bar runs, so might be time to hibernate until the small rush of summer vacationers in June ?
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I took two snowbirds to the airport this morning. They are flying north and will return next winter
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Last summer was my first summer doing Uber and it really bad for me and other drivers I’ve talked to
Coincidentally red tide was the worst I’ve ever seen. Dead fish from Sarasota to Marco. I was told the vacancy rate on Ft Myers Beach was 90%. It seems that anyone that had scheduled a vacation here; if the could cancel, they did

Hopefully this summer will be better
Season is not over yet but it is going down. Tuesdays generally are always slow even in March. Overall it is a combination of less people coming now (Easter week is the last spring break week) and more locals picking people. And also because of the cherrypicking frenzy last summer and more people using cabs, and Lyft now sending requests outside RSW (if you decline you go back to the bottom of the queue) does not make things easy.
I've gotten to the point that if I get a ping from outside the airport, I take it. A ride is a ride, after all

I'm a regular at the airport but for now there seems to be more people flying out, than flying in.... so now, after I drop someone at the airport, unless the queue is really small, I head south to Naples to work the street. As long as I stay west of 41 I will get an airport ride sooner or later

In addition to less airport traffic and less people here in the summer, there are a couple of other things going on that serve to reduce the number of rides.

I picked up a Ritz Carlton employee recently and noticed a guy sitting in his car near the service entrance. My passenger told me that guy was his regular ride home. The driver has regular customers that he takes to and from work every day for $30 a week each.

There are lots of drivers (including me) that do off app cash rides. Every cash ride we do is one less Uber or lyft ride available.

Did you know that there is no permit required in Collier county to do cash rides? Anyone with a car can be a taxi driver
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Agreed and most of the pickup are so far away. But sometimes you get lucky, my last Lyft ride was a pilot from Naples airport, he requested a LUX ride to RSW and gave me a $20.00 tip. Each time an airplane land in Naples or Marco the pilots will need a ride even to an hotel or the airport. Most of them are allowed to use Select or Lux and to be generous with the tips. ?
It would be the same (pilots needing rides) from Page Field and the Marco airport. Also a lot of the passengers need rides too

And at RSW there is Private Sky. And don't forget the FedEx and UPS pilots

Some of Those long pickups can work well I make at least two dead head drives from the airport to Naples every day. In the last week I got several long pickups. From as far away as from exit 123 to exit 107. I was going that way anyhow so I accepted and then called the passenger to give them my ETA. In ever case they were airport rides and I got long pick up fees of from $7 to $12. I won't back track, but if it's in the direction I'm already traveling, I take it
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