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Hey everyone! I've been browsing these forums for awhile, figured I might as well jump in on it and give my two cents.

I'm a full-time student, and with my school hours the only real job I can do is this kind of stuff - which is fine, it pays the bills. I've just been having loads of issues with Uber these past few weeks, so I just wanted to drop in and ask a few questions.

Rate of Pay:

On a good weekend (which is normally when I do Uber) I'll clock in around 9am and work till about 4-5 in the afternoon. I'll net around $50-100 on the weekends doing this, of course cashing out before the 4am Monday cut-off so I don't have to wait for the payout system.

I'll probably spend about $20-30 on gas (car gets horrible mileage) and use the rest to pay remedial bills like Spotify or whatever.

I just recently started doing Door Dash - is the pay similar or better? How do you all fare doing this?

Distance vs Pay:

In probably just shy of 300ish orders on UberEats, I've never gone below a 100% rating until this week, and it's mostly because of these outlandish orders that Uber is sending me on.

The worst one thus far was an order at 11pm where they sent me on a 45 minute drive to deliver McDonalds to someone who lived 3 minutes away. I actually ended up paying out of my own pocket just to deliver food in another city, because they don't bother to tell you where you're being sent until you've already accepted and picked up the order.

Is this an issue with Door Dash? Should I be looking out for this kind of crap going forwards? I'd like to avoid it at all costs if possible.

Blocking Outbound Calls:

I've tried to make outbound calls while doing Uber and they flat-out block anything unrelated to my delivery, as in I can't even use my own cellphone while I'm on a delivery with Uber - i find that to be completely unacceptable. Texts and Calls from my phone number are blocked, which is absolute trash in my opinion.

Does Door Dash do this?

Door Dash vs UberEats:

What are your opinions on both? Uber has a pretty nice "instant payout" feature that I utilize regularly, and the fact that I can turn it on and work whenever is always great. Are these also something that Door Dash does for us?

I've also heard that some people run both apps at the same time, is this advised? Is it worth it? I'm not looking to make a ton of money doing this, I honestly do just fine with Uber the way I am, they've just given me zero reason to stick around these past few weeks so I'm looking to move on. and keep my options open.

Thanks in advance!
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