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Question for Madchicken

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madchicken , I think I read Georgia, but what state and town do you reside in?
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Tn 25 min north of Chattanooga

Does the airport surge ?
Bradley or Meigs or Rhea County?

No airport surge. Somehow the cloud riders create at Baggage Claim is deception. Somehow the airport is exempt from surge pricing, and I think this is a federal exemption. I also seen this cloud void over Moccasin Bend.
I live in Hamilton County
Okay, I seen many come out of Georgia. I dont think Uber does GBI background checks if they sign up for Chattanooga.

Yesterday, I noticed one wearing a flag on his head, and I'm almost sure veterans find that offensive. This would earn one stars all day long. He's not gonna last long wearing our flag on his head!
Another Question for madchicken

I have a tablet on the way, because I don't use my Windows notebook mych anymore.

Did to use your tablet for Lyft, and was it tethered?
I used the ipad ran them both
Did you use your phone as a hotspot, or did you have a data plan in the tablet?
Data plan
Who has the best data plan?
I have my tablet connected to the phone's hotspot. Both had the Left driver app open, and when I did something on one app, the other did the exact thing simultaneously. Everything works, except when I get a text or call from the pax.
I just used my phone for the Ryder
app and just to call people
I have weird technical location issue with the tablet. The only time Lyft app works on the tablet is when the other one in working on the phone.

Lyft driver on tablet says to "turn on location services", and location services is on.
Nevermind, it works now.

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1 - 9 of 19 Posts
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