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Question about TNC svc to/from ABIA

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Something I’m curious about. When a TNC driver has a pax that is going to ABIA, or coming from ABIA, is the pax charged an extra “airport user” fee? In the taxi world, when a trip originates at ABIA, a $1.00 airport surcharge is added to the meter. This is only for trips originating at ABIA. The surcharge is not added to the meter when the trip ends at ABIA. As far as I know, this is the norm at most major airports around the country. In some municipalities, the fee is imposed whether going from or coming into the airport. I was just wondering, in Austin, does Uber or Lyft impose an airport user fee on the pax?

I’m aware that both Uber and Lyft pay a negotiated fee to the COA for their driver’s to have access to ABIA.
Again, in the Austin taxicab world, the cab companies do not pay a fee to use ABIA. Instead, the cab drivers (at least, those who choose to pick up from the airport) pay the fee upfront. The pax then pays the $1 surcharge, as part of the taxi fare. In essence, the cab driver is being reimbursed by the pax for paying the upfront fee.
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$2 charged both in&out
Thanks for the reply. After I posted the above, I saw this subject covered in another thread.
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