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Quest promo this week?

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No quest so far this week. Anybody else?
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$55 for 35 or $100 for 60. UBER

$235 guaranteed for 25 rides. $60 for 44 rides or $90 for 54 rides. Lyft
You drive a lot accepting anything. Probably they think you don't need an extra motivation to keep accepting their valuable pool at base.
Seriously talking.
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Actually been very picky on rides for some time now. I took three months off all together except for the occasional ride, and now just starting to pick the numbers back up again.

I think it has more to do with demand. With school back in they lost a lot of part timers and typical Uber they do exactly the opposite to motivate. I never chase the quest either, if I get it I get it. The 35 made it a lot easier though.
Answer was for Sproutski ;)
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You call $10 for 5 rides in a row a decent bonus?
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Doesn't worth to go after. Only Quest I meet is the 35 rides all surge (bonus) rides early mornings.
And $235 guarantee with 25 short rides having Lyft to pay the extra $80, $90 everytime.
60 rides with this heat and no surge? Hell no...
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I like that.

Okay, I got to the bottom of it. At the beginning of July I rented from Hertz for a week so I could still do Uber while my car was in the body shop. That triggered the promo Uber has for drivers that rent from Hertz. I returned the car after 7 days but somehow the Hertz promo stuck all through the rest of July and August and up until last Sunday. Somebody finally caught the mistake and undid it. I'm sort of screwed for this week but next week I'll be back on whatever promo they have for regular not-Hertz drivers.
So much for your theroy, Greg1973.
If you received 8 weekly bonuses you were not eligible I think Uber will take that money back.
Hope not.
Thanks, man. Fingers crossed. I think since it was their mistake and I was unaware of what was happening, I'm technically not liable. I once read that if your neighbor contracted to have a fence built and you come home to find that the contractors goofed and built it in your yard, you're not liable. But if you were home when they showed up and sat there watching them build it knowing you never ordered a new fence, that's on you and you have to pay. If course Uber will do whatever the hell they want.
Well, I have no doubt anyone would accept the bonus. They make tons of $ at our expense.

Even if they claim it back you could argue that you weren't aware about it but since you were driving at least 115 rides per week you were eligible for the weekday and weekend bonus they offer (around $180 weekly) so they may claim only around $250 back.
Or if you hit some CS, then you are about even.
If... hope not.
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