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Quest promo this week?

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No quest so far this week. Anybody else?
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My Quest hasn't changed in weeks - still $45 for 30 rides and $90 for 60. I also went to Lyft the weekend after flat surge started and hit the last PDB (first tier: $60 for 50 total, 30 peak, 90% AR). Lyft pax and tips were great, and I was looking forward to getting the weekly ride challenge, but all I've gotten since was a streak bonus for Sunday night before Labor Day. My weekend Quests have been holding at $80 for 55, and if Lyft isn't giving me anything I'm staying with those.

I stopped by Lyft hub and an employee who drives said he hasn't gotten a ride challenge either, so only some are getting them. I would think they would want to capitalize on driver anger over flat surge by getting as many drivers on board as possible, but stupidity is not just an Uber thing...
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