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Quest promo this week?

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No quest so far this week. Anybody else?
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So just finished my promo, 30 rides in 13 hours, made a total of 183.47 and Lyft putting in the rest, plus tips I get a total of 288.50 total. Is that a decent pull or am I still being ripped off? I found doing pool and short trips with this incentive works out for me, keep the miles low and pays out to about 22 an hour.


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It seems okay for Lyft. In Chicago a driver can make a little more on Uber than Lyft, IMO. Driving mostly Uber my per-hour is a little higher than that.
It was a mix of maybe 4 hours in the burbs and the rest in Chicago after 7pm and about 6 hours on labor day. I'll be honest this entire summer was friggen slow as balls, but it feels like stuff may be picking up again.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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