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Good day everyone,

So I was referred by a friend and have done exactly what was asked for.my 100 ride promotion. I've surpassed the 100 rides and the promotion was not given. It was extremely comical talking to the reps because they would confirm the promotion...escalate it to who knows who and then it back to square one explaining the situation all over again.

I would get follow up messages stating that it's because I didn't have 100 rides yet. Not true. I call and they confirm. They've then sent messages saying you weren't referred by anyone. I call and they confirm you were. I've then been told it's because you're a new driver. I call and they confirm it's not true and AGAIN escalate it!

I'm trying to start forums to see how many people are dealing with this nationally or even globally. My plan is to get with a family friend attorney for a possible class action if I get enough people that are or have experienced this. Can I hear people's stories?
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