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Hi Gang,

A few friends of mine drive for Uber and I give them a 50% discount on our car wash.
I would like to extend the same professional courtesy to other drivers.

I own a 24/7 Self Serve Car Wash in Largo.
It has an Automatic Touch Free Automatic that uses high velocity water pressure so it never touches your car :)

Premier quality chemicals like Rain-X are used to make sure your car and it's finish are cleaned properly.
Our top wash also includes FREE vacuums to keep your car clean inside and out.
A clean car always gets more tips :)

The offer is for half price when you buy 10 car wash vouchers at a time.
Each voucher is good for the top wash in our touch free automatic and a FREE vacuum.

Main Street Car Wash
265 Clearwater Largo Road South
Largo, FL 33770-3212

Please send an email to purchase or for more details.
djcarwashes - gmail

Thank you!

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