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As a Precision Driver, trained for Film and TV Productions and as I drive part time for UBER I'd like to share some basics for new or old Uber/Lyft Drivers if they don't already do this. If it can help you in anyway, great! If not carry on as you do :)

Pretrip Inspection: What's a Pretrip Inspection?:confused:

When I start my "Ubering" day, my starting point begins at a typical Shell Gas station facility with full service. Including car wash, food, gas, air and water etc. (If one is available) Why Shell? I carry the Shell rewards card, its basic use is the 3 cents off a gallon but if you know how to use it, I've received 50 cents off it and at one point 80 cents off a gallon as reward points. And they pretty much have anything I may need, including coffee! :eek:

Parked off to the side in guest parking, I have my routine setting up the car for the day, any cleaning, trash, etc. Then comes the Pre trip. (Always carry a flashlight!) Open the hood and check everything you think you need to check, that includes most of the fluids in your car, Radiator water, Engine and transmission oil, brake fluid and Wiper fluid. Fan Belts, Battery and just visually check for anything that looks out of the ordinary, like a lose hose or wire. Even if you don't know a thing about engines, spotting a lose hose may make a difference between being stuck on the freeway or somewhere you don't want to be with Pax in your vehicle. Remember that through the day/night, your vehicle is placed in hard idling, traffic, and bumpy road conditions, so anything can go wrong.

Check your tire pressure and generally inspect your tires for anything out of the ordinary, Nails, Tears, or general wear down. Check your tire bolts for any lose or missing I usually like to point my tires far left and inspect the back of the tire or behind the rim. Brake pads or brake disc, check for wear and tear, There is nothing worse than your brake pads rubbing on metal disc. To replace your disc is not cheap. If you are able, check underneath your vehicle without actually crawling under it. Check you muffler as well.

If you can start your engine safely set the parking brake and reinspect the moving parts (fan belts) (Alternator) etc, listen for anything out of the ordinary. But PLEASE, NEVER stick you hand anywhere in the engine area while it's running. Basically you are just listening and observing. If there is something that sounds off or looks off, you can have a mechanic take a look. Also while the engine is running, sit in the car, make sure you are in park, and slightly turn your steering wheel left to right or vise-versa, you should hear a slight straining sound but not much. If your fan belt gives off a screeching sound, you can purchase a product in the auto stores that sprays on the belts and helps to eliminate that sound. Ask any store clerk which one. (for squeaky fan belts)o_O

Check you lights inside and out, turn blinkers, headlights (low and High beam) and brake lights. The best way to check for brake lights is, I usually back up against a wall or a reflective surface, from there you can check brake lights, or have a friend help.
Check all seat belts, door locks, power windows. I would also do a parking brake check. Put your parking brake on full, Place the car in (D) for drive, and with a light compression on the gas pedal, see if the car moves, what you are doing is simulating a hill side road. If for some reason, your car started rolling down a hill, you you want the parking brake to be able to hold it or slow it from rolling down the hill.

If the car moves too much as you press the gas pedal, then you need to have it adjusted. Some mechanics may do it for free as it's an easy process. This is for any vehicle old or new.
You would be surprised how many issues arise from newer vehicles versus older ones. Go figure! That's basically it for a pretrip. It takes me usually about 15 minutes or less but it's worth it for dealing with hours of getting your car towed and fixed for something that was preventative. It's also a safety factor to protect you.

During picking up and dropping off Pax. Just as a side note, I highly recommend not stopping in the middle of a busy street or a NO STOPPING curb. If your pax is near one, drive past them and make them walk to you. If they get upset, let them, but at least you wont have a court appearance for a death or injury that could have been prevented. I had a pax last night that got upset, first she was already rattled because two other drivers cancelled on her saying it was too difficult for them to reach her and second, she was way late for an appointment. This was on Santa Monica Blvd Near Fairfax. As I approached her (stopped at a red light), I could see a potential risk to pick her up, I indicated to her to use the cross walk and cross over to the other side. The corner she wanted me to pick her up was way to risky to stop and I'd only piss off other drivers and other pedestrians. So always assess the situation. For one thing, they have to learn to place the pick up pin in a better spot. Also don't pull over leaving your back end sticking out in traffic, If someone clips you wile a pax is getting in the vehicle...well hopefully you can imagine the results. I have seen it happen, not with a ride share but with a taxi. Always think safety and be safe.;)
Do you really want to chance that you would be covered by Ubers Insurance or your own personal Insurance? I'm Paranoid and dont trust anyone, So I will do what I can to prevent anything bad from happening.:confused:
Best advice I can give for free...other than one more safety tip.....SLOW DOWN! ;)

Car Items

Road Safety Flares
First aid Kit
Flat tire repair.
Jumper Cables

Personal Protection

Mace (for self defense ONLY)
Duel Lens Dash Cam (Recommended)
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