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Good afternoon all- Trying to get a sense of the percentage of premium rides vs total rides when operating in what I would call a mix mode (premium & regular) in the SF bay area.. Anyone have data on that item... Looking to run an ROI on purchasing a used premium vehicle and need that last bit of data that Lyft will not reveal

Also, I am building an excel file to determine operating metrics, with a sample below, that takes a few minutes to complete each day and wondering if anyone else has a similar program and/or wants to collaborate on building out a robust metrics tool for driver ???

Cheers everyone...

Date 2-Mar
Revenue Thu
Total Earnings $181.04
Trip Revenue $162.04
Tips $13.00
Cancel Earnings $0.00
Tolls $6.00
Lyft Fees ($54.03)
On Road
Trips 12
Time 7:36
TlMiles (Odo) 180.0
PxMiles 110.4
NRevMiles 69.6
Mpg (Odo) 16.8
TimeInMin 456
Fpg (Last) $3.10
EstFuelCost $33.21
RvHrGross $21.32
RvHrNetFuel $16.95
RvTrip $13.50
RvPxMile $1.47
RvOpMile $0.90
TrHour 1.58
PxOp Eff 61.3%
Wear n Tear
WearTear $99.00
RvHrWearTear $10.79

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Thanks for the encouragement!!! My big frustration is the lack of visibility to relevant info... A lot of it is hiding behind the curtain... This is just a temp gig but I wanted to explore it as far as I can and why I asked about driving a premium vehicle... Have you had contact with anyone who is doing that ???
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