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For those of you who sent preemptive text messages to riders to confirm their pin drop is at the correct location, have you found your ratings to change? If not, or if your ratings have increased, what is your text message? In trying to fine tune my text message, I'm wondering if it's too long and/or annoying. See below for my text message.

I've found that I frequently stop my car illegally (as per the link at the bottom) so the passengers have the shortest distance to traverse to get in my car. But sooner or later, I will get fined or ticketed. Have you been able to avoid illegal stopping without hurting your ratings? If so, how? I'm thinking about sending the below text message; if passengers still have an obnoxious pin drop, I'll disregard that pin drop and park as close as possible legally and call the passenger that I cannot park illegally so they will have to find me. However, I can imagine my ratings suffering as a result.

I don't have a large enough sample size yet to determine whether this text message has a positive/negative/neutral impact on my rating. But passengers do often text back with a confirmation, correction, or specification of landmarks. I'm also still getting 5-star ratings with my small sample size thus far. I've also gotten some comments about how I seemed to like a "pro" at this Uber thing, which I take as a compliment as I always try to streamline my work to maximize productivity/efficiency to make life easier.

If there's value to at least some of my practice, let's make them popular so riders have a new expectation to meet--legal and safe pin drops--that benefits everyone.

Link explaining what constitutes illegal stopping: http://www.driveubersd.com/perfect-the-pickup/
Most pax won't read that much verbiage and even if they do will tell you "It's ok, you won't get a ticket."

90% don't care. You are trying to assign human emotion and caring to them but for that they have to think of you as a human being. They don't. You are a tool to get them where they want to go. Once you realize and accept that you will stop trying so hard to please them. I don't try much at all any more and my rating doesn't change.

Call and tell them where you are/will be. If they *****, cancel. Wait at the legal spot for 5 mins and cancel no show if you want. Or tell them since they don't want to walk to the legal spot to please cancel and order another uber who may be more willing to get a ticket. You can then move half a block and wait. If they don't cancel by 5 mins then again cancel.
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