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PPP Loan Update

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So April 10th is here and it's the turn for independent contractors to apply.

Unfortunately, almost every bank requires a business relationship or previous loan activity. I have Chase and I cannot apply without a business bank account.

I found a bank that it appears will accept applications without you being a previous customer or having a business account! Best of luck to all of us.

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I went to most of those links. Thank you so much!

The best application by far is Veem: https://www.veem.com/sba-ppp/ It lets you enter SS# instead of EIN# and you are actually uploading the three financial documents required: bank statements, payroll calculator, and tax document. I just uploaded my Uber monthly reports. But I actually feel like they have all the information I could give them. It feels promising. I would try Veem everyone. For "payroll" just put your actual profits and be safe about it. It would still be a big check. Again Chris, thanks for the link. Fingers crossed here.

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I'm following your advice and applying through Veem. What did you submit for the IRS Form 941? I only received your typical 1044, schedule C's etc.. I'm stuck on what do upload to upload for IRS Form 941.
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