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PPP Loan Update

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So April 10th is here and it's the turn for independent contractors to apply.

Unfortunately, almost every bank requires a business relationship or previous loan activity. I have Chase and I cannot apply without a business bank account.

I found a bank that it appears will accept applications without you being a previous customer or having a business account! Best of luck to all of us.

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Requested loan amount is an interesting question.
I think many Lyft/Uber drivers are confusing the PPP program with the EIDL (up to $10k grant) program.

This is the $10K Grant program that can be applied for via the Small Business Administration website.
I was talking about the PPP when you start the application there is question how much you'd like to get whereas with EIDL is up to $10k. No confusion here at least for me. I was curious how much do you guys ask for.
To my knowledge is a good idea to upload tax return for 2019. At least this is what Chase requires, I doubt will be any different through Veem.
Did you really entered $1750 as loan requested amount or just messing with us?
1 - 4 of 79 Posts
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