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so corrupt !!!!

Republican Candidates Betrayed By Their Own Party-All in the Name of the PPA

"The entire structure of the party in town is deliberately geared toward protecting PPA to the point not just that they don't even field candidates, but they decide strategically to support Democrats who support continued Republican control of the PPA," says a source close to city government who asked to remain anonymous. "They look at a district and it's not that they can't get a candidate to run. They'll actually say, 'We can't take on this Democrat because he's on our side.' The Republican structure in the city is so corrupted by the PPA that it's not that they can't-they won't. They don't want to. The implications of that are kind of staggering…It's not a political party in Philadelphia. It's almost like a legitimized criminal enterprise." The state party is trying to unseat Meehan and Canuso, says the source, because they know they'll never have a viable party as long as the Philadelphia Parking Authority is the prize, and those guys own it

Worst part: The PPA conspiracies, the unnecessary infighting and the power-sharing deals aren't necessarily a secret. They're just really unfortunate byproducts of a corrupt political system. Kinda sucks for, you know, democracy.
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