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Possible El Nino in Los Angeles this winter!

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Hey people I have been listening to the news and reading some stuff online about this and just wanted to share it and see what other people think

This might have a big impact on us I guess but as Travis said in his last interview they cut surges if there is an emergency or such within the location/place.

source: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-el-nino-forecast-20150721-story.html
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Hope not. I just thought its not something common in CA and if it hits very hard then I dont think Travis will have any doubt turning off the surge.
You really think so? Travis won't have rain as an emergency. We are IC So if we have an earthquake emergency, am I staying off the roads at no surge or telling the wife and kids that there is a 3.5 surge out there and the people need me. I do Uber charity when the pay is really good :)
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Guys If El Nino hits LA... big time you will then see what an emergency is

Im looking forward to it. with high surges ofcourse
The only emergency will be where there are mudslides and flooding. I remember the last one and while we will get a ton of rain, we won't all be underwater. Get ready to get all weather floor mats and put a towel down in the backseat because it might be like Monday. Actually, I doubt it will be like that as that caught people off guard. El Nino and winter months will have people looking at the weather maps a lot closer and more frequent.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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