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So I got a Lyft Plus request to picked up a group of women at a hotel to go to the Fox. It was a short trip. I picked them up, and as we got close, the Hamilton show had let out and traffic was bad. We were only a block from the Fox.

While on the way there, I also got a 1.4X Uber Select request to pick up someone who was among the Hamilton crowd that just let out. There was no way I was passing that up so I accepted that ping as well.

All was well until I noticed that I would have to pass by Select PAX BEFORE I dropped off the group of ladies. And since it was a lot of traffic, I couldn't quickly circle back to get them. The only solution was to get the group of ladies out of my car ASAP. So I started dropping hints like "You know, traffic is really, really bad. The Fox is just up the block. If you got out and walked you would get there much faster than waiting on all this traffic". But they wouldn't get the hint. They insisted on staying in the car, talking about their heels and stuff.

So as we approached the Select PAX they spotted me and looked confused as to why there were people in my ride. At that point I was really nervous. I was about to say "You all have to get out" but one of the women said "you know, we probably should go ahead and get out". That's when I got out quick and opened the door for them.

The Select PAX was still confused and asked if I was there to pick them up. I said yes and explained that I had to drop them off first and everything was fine. Ended up with a $30+ ride and $10 tip from the Select.

So my question is what are some ways to get PAX out of our car without pissing them off? Especially when you are in high traffic areas and they need to get out and walk?
One technique is to unlearn all the skills of driving in atlanta like a pro you have learned. ie get behind a car you know is going to stop rather than getting ahead of it proactively. Make sure to tell them what you love doing plus/ xl because the per minute rate is soo high.......
Normally a combination of this helps. Or alternatively Dont turn the other app on till you drop off your current passenger. Then there is no rush.
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