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Just trying to find out the best method for dealing with police...If pax are in the car and a cop comes up to me and asks me if I'm an uber driver, should I evoke my 5th ammendment? If I do that, can I still show him a PBA card without him thinking I'm a wiseguy? Or should I admit to being an Uber driver, be honest, and show the card?
Tell the truth, you don't want anything held against you later on. Police Officers are meant to be respected. Yes, some are out to meet their ticket quota, but that is the risk you take on yourself knowing it is still currently illegal to drive for Uber in New Jersey. If you show the officer a copy of Uber's insurance for passenger coverage, if you make your personal insurance aware that you are an Uber driver so they are not "surprised" if/when the officer calls them while you wait, and as long as you have those necessary documents as well as first aid and extinguisher equipment in the vehicle, then it will show the officer you take what you do seriously, and then it becomes a matter of "if" the officer feels like ticketing to meet his quota, or if he lets you go because you respected him...

And what about if I don't have pax in the car? Thanks in advance guys.
If there is no Pax in the vehicle, there is no Uber coverage, thus you are not an Uber driver until you accept that ping and pick them up, otherwise you would be fully insured by Uber on your way to get the passenger, when your're not.
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