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So we got our first promotion in ages here, which happens to be Boost

Now I usually drive at night, so it's really rare that I drive during the day, but because of the game today, I went out before the game and went driving and was out during our first Boost

Why is it, that our first Boost would take place right before the game, right at the stadium, when people are trying to go to the stadium? Wouldn't it make more sense to have Boost after the game, when people are trying to get home?

Is Uber really expecting drivers to wait inside the Boost zone hoping for rides away from the stadium before the game starts? For what, to take people from the stadium back home to grab something they forgot and head back? How often would that happen?

At least surge tricks drivers into going to an area that may actually have some business anyway, why attract drivers to a point of the least amount of business?
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