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Pickups At the FloraBama Line

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Hey, Y'all,

We're so close to the FloraBama line. What are the restrictions for a pickup on the Alabama side of Perdido Key?
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You wont get a request to pick up in alabama if your a pensacola driver EVER. But you can get a request to pick up on the florida side of flora bama to go into Alabama but then you will have to "deadhead" your way back to the florida side even if you end up in Mobile. Trick to that is to just turn on your LYFT app to get rides in alabama since you can drive Lyft ONLY on that side even if your a pensacola driver. Or even better yet , deliver pizzas since you will make more money than being a "rideshare" driver lol !!! Pensacola too SMALL of a town and over over saturated with Uber goobers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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