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Pickup , dropoff in no stopping zones

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Do your riders get annoyed when you say that this is a no stopping and I shall drop you after turning in the side street? My rider got upset, gave me 1* but I don't want to be booked.

Should I inform Uber. Once, my rating goes below 4.5 they might block me.

Suggestions please
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From my self experience. I just do it, whenever there is a free kerb on the side with no stopping sign It's ok if it is on streets i guess, some cases on city is quite fearing but i have no choice though don't do it on bus lane is my concerned. Look around if there is any ranger hiding before doing it lol
Yes, riders don't care about laws they just follow like we are taxi. Taxis just stop anywhere in middle of road and no stopping. If we don't stop riders when they say stop here, likely they'll gave us less 5*
Yes I agree. I stop illegally many times but always make sure I am not inconveniencing any other motorists and of course I keep an eye out for council rangers with their cameras.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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