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Pickup , dropoff in no stopping zones

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Do your riders get annoyed when you say that this is a no stopping and I shall drop you after turning in the side street? My rider got upset, gave me 1* but I don't want to be booked.

Should I inform Uber. Once, my rating goes below 4.5 they might block me.

Suggestions please
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I've been booked before for a no stopping area so what I do now is when I get to the destination I politely advise them that I cannot stop here due to risk of fines and will park around the corner. I also tell them that I'll stop the trip/fare at their intended destination and they are not being charged while I take them around the corner to a proper stopping area. They seem happy when I tell them that last part. I'd rather give up 50c - $1 than risk a $200 fine.
Thats a good advice Azzure
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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