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Pickup , dropoff in no stopping zones

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Do your riders get annoyed when you say that this is a no stopping and I shall drop you after turning in the side street? My rider got upset, gave me 1* but I don't want to be booked.

Should I inform Uber. Once, my rating goes below 4.5 they might block me.

Suggestions please
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Derry and fields - don't do it guys. Just thank your lucky stars that you haven't been booked yet. I promise you, you are playing Russian Roulette every time you do it. There are also loads of unmarked cars just waiting to catch you out, and not just in the cbd either.
EVERYBODY LISTEN CAREFULLY - No fare and no good or bad rating is worth losing your licence for it.
Read what Azzure wrote again, that is great advice.
Best luck to all
Yes it is hard to find those spots.
This morning i said to a guy - "it's really hard in the city, i'll do my best to drop you as close as i can, but i can't risk my licence" the total champ of a pax said "no worries at all man, do what you need to do to keep yourself on the road, i don't want to have to go back to cabs " - what an awesome dude, he summed it up perfectly - i wished i could have given him 6 stars.
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