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Philly to AC in July/August

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Hello. A little help. I live in Miami and am coming up to Atlantic City during the summer. Only Spirit flies to AC directly from Fort Lauderdale. So, instead I want to fly to and from MIA to PHL, to avoid Spirit (which is horrible).
What is the ballpark rate from Philadelphia to AC; probably Botgata. Either the X rate or a private service. I'm in the business so I expect to tip an additionally 15-20% in cash.
If anyone can do a round trip, even better.
Thanks in Advance, Anthony
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70 miles from phl..simple math
Ok, Bobby and the rate is????
I'm asking because I don't know.
Are PA drivers ok to cross state lines into NJ?
Is UBER/LYFT legal at PHL? Is it better to take a taxi/car service, etc.
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ubers 1.27 min. yes all can go to n.j
cabs $2.70 mile.
I won't drive a person one way forv$1.27 miles as it's 1.01 net 2 me
Well that's the reason I am asking
I appreciate your help.
Have a great day :)
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Always penty of cars at the airport.
Thanks a million sir!
Much Appreciated
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You could take the train to Atlantic City from Philly
When I fly into PHL, I want to get to Borgata ASAP.
Going back to AC, it doesn't matter. How close is the train station?
By the convention center. A slightly above min fare ride from the borgata.

It doesn't run often so check the schedule.
Return trip is more because jersey shore rates are higher. If you really want to be obnoxious you can take an uber to the other side of the Atlantic City expressway and then take another one the rest of the way. But any driver that would accept that second one either isn't that bright or will be angry at you the whole trip
Thanks for the help. So basically it's going to cost me about $300 RT TO not to fly Spirit Airlines into AC.
SOME guys will run you rt thier at $1.01 a mile say $80 ...put if you come back dead its .50 cents a mile not worth it to me.uber train or $15 bus back to philly..
Found someone already.
I'm happy and thrilled.
Bobby, have you always been this negative and miserable or is it only a temporary thing.
If you have 15 years of experience
12K trips on Uber and have wheel chair clients, how do you find time to come on here and post.
Depending on the day you arrive and leave you might be able to find someone to take you for $40 cash each way or less. Especially if you find someone going to the shore anyway on a Thursday/Friday and leaving Sunday
Thanks. I don't mind paying going rate. I found a driver.
The driver that accepted is a tool. We are this bitter bc of experience. Really, take a look at bobby's posts even 1 year ago. He'd be writing posts like "It's Friday guys!!! Let's make some money and stay safe!!!" After you realize how bad uber is &%[email protected]!*ing you it makes your mood worse.

Like this driver you found... he's agreed to meet with a stranger and pick them up to take them 60 miles uninsured. I'm guessing he's new and probably not very smart. When I first started I would do this, but after doing the job and gaining experience you realize all the reasons this is a bad idea. I don't know why you think bobby's stance is so crazy.

Omg. No one is doing this trip for $40. That's insane. Tolls alone are 11 bucks and you're spending another 9 on gas. No no no no no.
Who said I'm taking an unlicensed driver with no insurance. I asked for a quote. Found a contact. Everything worked out. As I said, is paying $300 RT. I'm using a black car service.
Good Luck Guys!
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hey ant . u got a desperate guy...my xl rate is 2.05 mile . re turn $2.73 mile
You can talk all the b.s you want black car $300 complete is not a real # in out market at 70 miles each way for black car..u got discount basement price. and as much as I like and respect Nick on here...I would go empty to n.j before I risk my commercial ins with a tourist
Bobby. For the last time, go away. I'm happy with life and my car service. You continue to make comments because you are depressed and hate your Uber life. Seriously, take a chill pill and please leave me alone. You have no idea what you are taking about, just making assumptions!
I will go away. I do good with uber.
your name sums u up...good bye
The best I will feel is not putting $300 cash on your pocket and giving it to someone with business smarts, common courtesy and decency. This is why you are in the predicament you are in, not building a customer base; but rather making enemies. Have you ever heard of a word of mouth reference?
Guess Not!
Good Night!
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