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Philly to AC in July/August

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Hello. A little help. I live in Miami and am coming up to Atlantic City during the summer. Only Spirit flies to AC directly from Fort Lauderdale. So, instead I want to fly to and from MIA to PHL, to avoid Spirit (which is horrible).
What is the ballpark rate from Philadelphia to AC; probably Botgata. Either the X rate or a private service. I'm in the business so I expect to tip an additionally 15-20% in cash.
If anyone can do a round trip, even better.
Thanks in Advance, Anthony
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ubers 1.27 min. yes all can go to n.j
cabs $2.70 mile.
I won't drive a person one way forv$1.27 miles as it's 1.01 net 2 me
SOME guys will run you rt thier at $1.01 a mile say $80 ...put if you come back dead its .50 cents a mile not worth it to me.uber train or $15 bus back to philly..
cause I work 4 to 5 days a,week and was bored...
I don't try to troll cash rides on forum ...
hey ant . u got a desperate guy...my xl rate is 2.05 mile . re turn $2.73 mile
You can talk all the b.s you want black car $300 complete is not a real # in out market at 70 miles each way for black car..u got discount basement price. and as much as I like and respect Nick on here...I would go empty to n.j before I risk my commercial ins with a tourist
I will go away. I do good with uber.
your name sums u up...good bye
you had to have the last words... theirs business smarts and thier is ants and company's who kill the driving industry with too low per mile.
why would I want $300 to pick ui.47 up and drive back to get you. all for $300..
others will as ubers programmed thier brains.
phl rates per taxi is $2.70 mile.
You are just an ant in Mia. who is used to working for .75 cents a mile... no city no state tax.
I made $50K a year in wpb. 38 years ago...
u have no idea what xl. and smart working guys make in our area.i won't bore all with pics this is what 35 min ride


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