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People are still gambling....

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3:40 on a Friday afternoon, the Governor is going to shut down the state at any minute, but there are still people waiting (and willing) to roll the dice....

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Some people don't have any sort of government assistance and are living week to week. What are their options?
There are plenty of opportunities in CT for those who Uber full-time and have no professional job. Plus many retail companies now pay 20% more for the time being. Sounds like a good opportunity to stop rolling a dice.
Isn't working in a grocery store like being on the front line, or rolling the dice ? I believe they try to keep things clean but you have large amounts of public walking in all day long.

Those guys at the airport are mostly sleeping , I went buy there
6-10 in the que and it didn't move for over an hour.
Cashier in the grocery store definately is, but back-end jobs should be less dangerous. Stop and Shop said they hire 5000 people in CT, also Walmart, Fedex, UPS, Amazon, the number is endless. It's hard to find a part-time job for 2-3 hours a day, but a full-time, in US should not be that complicated. I always wonder what those homeless people in West Hartford area thinking about, is it easier to stay the whole day asking for help or signing for a job and getting paid. PS. I am not talking about who was just laid off because of everything closed out in CT, but in general, an Uber full-time job is not paying more than any other job that doesn't require any special qualification.
Per Facebook forums, Uber drivers sent home by their doctors for self-quarantine not being paid by Uber for the reason that they have no proof that they are sick. This is what kind of dice people rolling. They think they will drive to the very last moment and then ... Uber is gonna pay.
And reality is they could get sick without any payments and no support.
Same like with all other situations where you need to get reimbursement from Uber and you can't, nothing changes here, same support from same Philippines, from people who care less if you are sick or not. Remember they only paid a dollar a day, so they don't give a shit about you.
Uber promised to pay drivers who couldn't work because of the coronavirus. But drivers say Uber has been closing their accounts after they seek sick pay, and then ignoring or rejecting their claims.

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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