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People are still gambling....

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3:40 on a Friday afternoon, the Governor is going to shut down the state at any minute, but there are still people waiting (and willing) to roll the dice....

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I have created an hermedically sealed barrier dividing the front seat from the back seat area. If the tiniest sniffle is picked up by my sensors
the back area will be flooded to the ceiling with foaming disinfectant cleanser, only after approximatley 30 to 45 seconds the rear windows will unroll.
Isn't working in a grocery store like being on the front line, or rolling the dice ? I believe they try to keep things clean but you have large amounts of public walking in all day long.

Those guys at the airport are mostly sleeping , I went buy there
6-10 in the que and it didn't move for over an hour.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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