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So unfortunately not only did over over charge me for the gas card, which my total was $140 Andover deduct it from my earrings this past week $252 comma I did not get paid any of my incentives for the entire day Sunday.

After 8 emails back and forth with over 4 of them being the wrong form letter being sent to me, another 3 asking me to send them screenshots of the emails with my incentives which I had already sent them as part of my original email, I still have not gotten a straight answer. I went to the Westwood office to try to talk to themthem directly, and I guess a lot of people had similar issues. It was so packed the wait was well over 2 hours! So now I get an email from them saying that they're having some difficulties and they're looking into it and that I should get paid for their errors after July 4th!
I have the gas car and I used only once,but after seeing so many post about errors with the charges I never used again,besides I never saw the discount that they advertise when you get charge, price was exact same as in the pump, so I use the Ralph's discount when I do have points or the one from Lyft that gives me 5c per galon (some times 10c) and I pay my self for the gas, better than no discount at all and get someone making a mistake and charging me extra.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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