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pax wouldn't cross the street!!!

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Just had to cancel on this stupid ***** that wouldn't even cross the street with a cross walk right in front of her!

This was at 27 Garden St in Cambridge. The Longy school of music. She's on the phone with me and she's looking at me and says "turn your car around I'm right here." and I say yeah and Im right here and there is a cross walk in front of you so you come to me" she says " no turn around" I say " NO it's an illegal turn! You see these white rectangular squares? That's called a cross walk now cross!" she says no other drivers do it!" so then I say "I'm not other Uber drivers I'm still going to eat if I dont give you a ride! BYE!!!!!! Hit cancel and take off! Uber porn right there folks!

I am so sick of these people! Who the hell they think they are? We can't just stop where ever they want and pull illegal u turns everywhere. Wtf? I'm tired of these people. Expect white glove service at Walmart prices. The hell with them!!! No more Mr. Nice Guy!!! I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Remember the driver!!! This is the year of the driver!!!! Hear us roooooaaaaarrr!!!!
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This has happen to me before. You should have waited for time to expire in the location of pick up and could have cash in on that cancellation for no show. If she would have decided to cross and get in the car, I would cancelled anyways. To me making a person feel dumb and not in control is more important than me wasting 5 mins of my life.
I hit rider requested cancel! Still have the 4 bucks:D
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