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PAX using a Glitch in the app for adding people under age!

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I noticed this lately that you can add a family member and pay for it on the uber user credit card without going through any prompts to declare if they are over 18.

Set up your family
Pay for your loved ones and get trip notifications.

eg: a parent adding a child via email or mobile phone number as it uses the contact lists as a way of searching for the person.
Its accessed via the settings app which then brings you to the prompt.
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Its been there for a few weeks/months. Never played around with it though.

It would appear to be yet another example of FUber saying one thing, but doing another. They tell us in the app not to take unaccompanied minors, yet do this. Kind of like all the unsafe pick up and drop off locations they tell us not to do, but then allow these locations in the app. They cover their bases by appeasing the pax, and if anything goes wrong, can point the finger at the independant contractor and claim, the told you not to do that - its a breach of policy - goodbye!!

Good that these issues continued to get highlighted. One day we might actually be able to look back on issues like this to help an ant that gets busted for something that FUber encouraged. The more of their poor practices in the public domain (well, here), the better.
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