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Pax puked in my car. Reported immediately to Uber. No pings since. Unofficial Deactivation?

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Last ride Saturday night. Started with 7 pax wanting to get in my XL. I said no, only six. 2 stayed behind. At the end of the ride, I noticed one of the Pax had pucked all over himself, his GF and in my truck. I called them out for not telling me. Called support immediately, reported the incident indicating that I had the entire ride on video from start to finish. I didn't want a cleaning fee but wanted to make them aware that pax threated to report me. Today, Monday, no pings all day. Any ideas? Rebooted, reloaded the app.......
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So someone puked in your car and you called support instead of filing for a cleaning fee???

Makes No Cents.
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